- About $50-$120/hour, for 1-14 ppl.  Additional costs apply with additional ppl.  Generally the least expensive option with a group size of 7+ ppl. with the savings increasing the more people you have. To view pricing details for this option, click here.

  • Non full-service.  If you do not need all the planning & preparations done for you, then we offer the discounted 'Recession Wine Tour.  For this option, although our tour staff are available by phone or email to discuss your tour with you; your group is responsible for the planning and preparations for your tour (making winery appts., arranging lunches etc.).  No tour concierge, lunch concierge or tour guide are available, driver & limo only.  Bottom line - YOU are ultimately responsible for the success of your tour.

With the 'Recession Wine Tour', like our standard full-service option, we offer the following information with your tour confirmation:

  • A comprehensive list of wineries with route suggestions.  We also give you additional information about the wineries and tour, available automatically to view if desired. My Chauffeur monitors the wineries and offers up-to-date information not easily accessible to the public.  Additional winery info includes such things as, but not limited to, which wineries:

    • are open by appt only.

    • are open only on the Thanksgiving/Memorial Day weekends.

    • are tasting rooms only; non-vineyard locations.

    • offer facility tours; the best facility tours.

    • offer 'heavy reds'.

    • produce organic and/or biodynamic wines.

    • have a restaurant.

  • Winery & General Information, including:  

    • Comprehensive list of wineries. 

    • Winery Route Suggestions - includes about 10 routes including the ‘Recession route’ & the ‘Organic Wine’ route & the 'Hidden Gems' route.

    • Oregon Wine TV

    • Picnic Lunch Menu’s & Wine Country Restaurants.

    • General Wine Country MAP.

    • Dundee Hills AVA MAP.

    • Listing of bio-dynamic & Organic wine producers.  (includes bio-dynamic description)

    • Wineries which do facility/vineyard tours. (take a tour of the inner workings of a winery). Please contact us for more information about winery facility tours if this is of interest to you. 

    • Events Pages – (what’s happening at select wineries on your tour date?)

    • My Chauffeur Travel Center

  • For our 'Recession Wine Tour', since there is not a concierge option, and winery appointments may be necessary, this would be your groups responsibility.  FYI - for most wineries, as a general rule, any groups over 8 require an appointment.  But winery rules vary vastly, and you should contact each winery separately to find out their specific requirements.  To view pricing details for this option, click here.

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