Oregon's Willamette Valley is a small-scale winemaking environment, reminiscent of the village-strewn landscape of Burgundy, where the winemakers who tend their own vines and live next door to their vineyards are called vignerons. . . producing primarily Pinot Noir, Oregon's Willamette Valley is full of vignerons...  “The concept of a vigneron,” says Gypsy Dancer Estates owner Gary Andrus, "... is someone who grows his grapes, picks his rootstocks, picks his clones, picks his spacing, picks his techniques—biodynamic or organic or sustainable or “nuked”:---and he makes those decisions and then executes that decision inside the cellar.  That’s because he wants to make the wine that’s in his own mind.  It’s his wine.  The greatest---or the worst.”  Oregon's Willamette Valley is full of vignerons.

Most of the wineries sit amid their own vines giving the winemaking teams’ total control over their fruit from beginning to end.  Daily access to their vineyards allows them to respond to changing conditions throughout the year.  It also allows them to work quickly during crush; the fruit is picked and processed the same day.  The wineries goal is to express in their wine the unique character of their place, or terrior, to have in the bottle be a direct reflection of what their land gives them."  

Today Oregon has a reputation for producing world class wines.  PrincipalCaves of Archery Summit plantings include Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris. Other reds include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Zinfandel; other whites include – Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc, Sémillon and Gewürztraminer. Our selection of tours are designed to encompass the best of Oregon's wine industry.  Packages are intended for independent travel groups.          

Intensify your wine knowledge.  We will personally take you on a limousine tour of the wineries and vineyards, providing an insight into historical and modern wine making techniques. Join us, explore and taste the fine wines of the more than 150 wineries in the North Willamette Valley.

Right, wine-filled oak barrels in the caves at Archery Summit.

We want to share the best and most intimate parts of our culture, so you will experience the true feeling of Oregon and its world of wine. You will meet the people who make the wine, in the land on which it is made.  The North Willamette Valley Vineyard Sightseeing Route is an invitation to learn about the "real" wine region and people, where one desires to linger.  With its gentle, green landscapes, as varied as the lands in France, this route will lead you to various wine cellars.

Wine Country B&B

Specializing in unique wine and food experiences.  We will individually plan your tour for one or many...for 4-hours or 4 days.....across states and regions, anywhere in Northern Oregon / Southwest Washington, arranging all winery visits, accommodation, tours, fine dining and tasting menus, plus event bookings. You will be treated to personal meetings with winemakers, reserve & cave tasting and the opportunity to make exclusive cellar door purchases. Start your tour planning now, for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with My Chauffeur, obligation free.

Right, Mattey House Inn, McMinnville, one of many B&B's in the wine country

Oregon has long been considered an ideal place to grow grapes.  The Oregon wine region began during the 1840s, when Italian and Swiss immigrants began planting wine grapes, from vines brought there via the Oregon Trail, and bottling wine. And in 1860, for example, those mature vines produced a whopping 2600 gallons of wine.  Like so many wine regions, Oregon's wine industry was suppressed during Prohibition, only to emerge as a productive wine-growing region in the mid-1970s. Today, thanks to its ideal climate and the innovations of new enology, Oregon is the home of extraordinary wines - the traditional strong wines as well as the new, modern, fresh and fruity wines. Both truly express the extremely varied Oregon landscape.

Our aim is to enlighten the wine holidaymaker, by offering advice and knowledge throughout the tour. These individual Wine Holidays are designed for both amateur and the experienced wine connoisseur alike, who wish to learn more and accept excellent advise when purchasing tax-free wines to bring home. 




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