• Your signature will be required on our standard Service Order Agreement ('Contract') at the pickup location; to view form, click here.

  • Complementary pickup in your Portland Metro area location. Pickups outside of Portland Metro are at additional cost.

  • 3% cash discount applies.

  • 3-4 hour minimum cost applies. Saturdays require a 5 hour minimum cost April-November ('recession wine tour' only).

  • Driver gratuity of 15-20% NOT INCLUDED with the purchase of service and is appreciated. Your driver works hard to ensure your time is safe, timely and fun. My Chauffeur drivers truly appreciate any gratuity you wish to extend to them for a job-well-done. For some trips, there is a 20% service fee (driver gratuity) based on the base fare, stop time, and wait time automatically included. Holiday surcharges may also apply.  These services and/or charges will be itemized on your reservation confirmation and invoice statement. 

  • Tour is subject to availability. 

  • Discounts, coupons or special rates cannot be combined and are not guaranteed until confirmed (exception: the cash discount can be combined with any other discount, coupon or special rate).  Certain situations may void discounts, including vehicle availability.

  • Quoted full-service rates are for a complete PRIVATE tour, including all the planning/preparations/arrangements/appointments/tour & lunch concierge/partial or full tour guide etc... Full-service tour description.


  • ADDITIONAL COSTS OR DISCOUNTS MAY APPLY (Please contact us for your specific financial liabilities. Discounts are not guaranteed until confirmed.  Discounts may not be available on the Thanksgiving/Memorial Day weekends. Trade commissions void all discounts, coupons and special rates except the cash discount.) INCLUDING:

    • Beverages & meals are at additional cost.

    • Wine tasting fees (if applicable) are at additional cost.

    • The 1 or 2 person discount is not guaranteed, as it is dependent on the day of the week and pickup/drop-off locations.

    • 3% cash discount applies.

    • CHAUFFEUR GRATUITY: With credit card payment and when an automatic chauffeur gratuity is not already included in Pricing; an automatic 20% driver gratuity will apply for the following circumstances, signifying a ‘no-signature account’:

      • The credit card is not available for imprint or processing.

      • The Customer requests that My Chauffeur process the payment without credit card present.

      • The Payee (credit card holder) is not present.

      • Payee requests a custom gratuity amount.

    • GAS SURCHARGE MAY APPLY: (If applicable; Charge of up to 8% of Trip Charge for extensive mileage trips.  Includes gas, but also includes any of the following: Vehicle maintenance/repair/cleaning, Vehicle Insurance, Employee Expenses, Worker’s Comp Insurance, City of Portland regulatory fees, Port of Portland fees, incidental & emergency fees, storage fees and other costs/fees not specifically mentioned herein.)

    • WINE TASTING FEES (approx. $10 - $15 per person per winery)


    • BEVERAGE COSTS: $2 pp costs apply for water, soda pop, ice and wine glasses.

    • P/U - D/O LOCATION CHARGES:  COMPLIMENTARY PICKUP/DROP-OFF WITHIN THE PORTLAND METRO AREA For our standard full-service tour, the all-inclusive package and the 'couples' tour, we will pick you up anywhere within the Portland Metro area at no additional charge. However; a pickup/drop-off location on weekdays or outside of the Portland Metro area may be at additional cost or an adjustment in tour time. For all other tours ('Recession Wine Tour', last-minute-specials, other specials etc.), a My Chauffeur 'garage to garage' vehicle hourly rate applies to and from your pickup & drop-off locations with a 15 minute 'grace' period each way. Contact us for your specific P/U - D/O location charge liability.

    • For the COUPLES RATE, 10% off for 1 or 2 persons, already reflected in pricing. 

    • 20% SENIOR DISCOUNT APPLIES (65 years & over).


    • TEENS/ADULTS 13-20 years old are 50% off; children under age 12 are free after the vehicle minimum person requirement is met.


    • VEHICLE UPGRADES: STANDARD FULL-SERVICE TOURS ONLY.  All price quotes are for the standard 'minimum' vehicle required for your groups size. For groups up to 4 ppl., the scheduled vehicle is a newer model Lexus or town car sedan.  If you want a stretch limousine, you must order it.  For groups 5-8 ppl., the scheduled vehicle is the 8 PASS. STRETCH LIMO.  For groups up of 9-14 ppl., the scheduled vehicle is the 14 PASS. LIMO/PARTY BUS.  Vehicle upgrades are at additional cost.  A VEHICLE UPGRADE CHARGE WILL APPLY IF YOUR STANDARD VEHICLE IS NOT AVAILABLE OR IF YOU CHOOSE TO UPGRADE FOR ANY REASON.  See below.  Once the vehicle upgrade request is made and confirmed; it is guaranteed.

      • 4 PASS. EXECUTIVE TOWN CAR - 1 person minimum charge (call for quote)

      • 8 PASS. STRETCH LIMO - 5 person minimum charge (call for quote)

      • 14 PASS. LIMO/PARTY BUS - 9 person minimum charge (call for quote)

    • SAVE WITH THE LAST-MINUTE VEHICLE UPGRADE: STANDARD FULL-SERVICE TOURS ONLY.  You may request a vehicle upgrade at the last-minute and save (24 hours advance of your tour or less; standard full service tour only).  If you have up to 4 persons in your group; you may request the stretch limo for $40 additional.  If you have 6-8 persons in your group, you may request the limo/party bus for $60 additional.  All vehicles are subject to availability. Once the last-minute vehicle upgrade request is made and confirmed; it is NOT guaranteed.

    • MEMORIAL DAY, THANKSGIVING DAY & PRE-THANKSGIVING DAY  HOLIDAY WEEKENDS - Custom rates may apply.  6 hour minimum charges apply.

  • PRIVATE TOUR - My Chauffeur always schedules your tour as a private tour.  If you prefer a mixed-group tour to lower your cost or for any other reason, you may request it.

  • TOUR GUIDE:  Partial or No tour guide (No tour guide is default on all tours except the tour bus) – The chauffeur/guide is also the driver and therefore, for safety reasons, will not be available to give narrative while driving.  If you would like to have a tour guide, request it!  Your chauffeur/guide will give winery introductions and general wine country information when reaching the wineries, if requested before or during your tour. This service should be requested because it is not always obvious to your driver that the group is interested in a guided service.  If requested, this service is not guaranteed.  He/she will also answer general questions/winery questions & wine country questions either while driving or at any winery.  Your tour guide will not be a Sommelier and therefore is NOT an 'expert' in wine or the wine country.  He/she will however have a fair amount of basic winery/wine country knowledge and will be able to discuss many subjects and many, but not all wineries. To recap; your driver is NOT allowed to give any narrative while driving other than answering questions. If a tour guide is requested; this service is NOT guaranteed.  GUIDING DESCRIPTIONS

     Be prepared for inclement weather (rain, snow, cold, etc.).

  • TOUR BUS - Tour bus pricing includes the complete full-service tour; including the vehicle, driver, guide, driver/guide gratuities, gas surcharge and our concierge service, with all the planning/preparations and lunch catering needed for your tour.  Your cost does not include lunch costs and winery tasting/tour fees unless you choose the all-inclusive package.  With 11 years (since 1998) of experience planning wine tours for large groups, our concierge will make your event a perfect event. 

  • If any 3-4 or 5-6 hour tour goes over the scheduled drop-off time, the vehicle hourly rate or the next tour rate level will apply, whichever is less.  For the 7-8 hour tour, the vehicle hourly rate applies. 

  • On-line rate quotes are an initial quote; and are not guaranteed until confirmed.  Please contact us for your specific rate.

  • Inquire about our discount airport service for tour guests (25% off RT booking; cost is taken off of your tour charge)

  • The B-day person always rides free. Minimum person costs still apply (coupon code: B-day person.  I.D required). 

  • Your credit card information is required to book, even if you're planning to pay with cash. 

  • My Chauffeur reserves the right to adjust the tour pick-up/drop-off time if needed. 

  • Rates quoted on the rate sheet are subject to change without notice.

  • Be prepared for inclement weather (rain, snow, cold, etc.).


  • RAZ - $519 for up to 5 hours (29 passenger) 5 hour min.; $560 for up to 5 hours (47-50 passenger) 5 hour min.; $58/hour for each additional hour; 8% gas surcharge; 10% My Chauffeur discount & 15% driver gratuity applies in addition to these 2 rate quotes.

    • $459 base rate

    • +$37 - 8% gas surcharge

    • +$69 - 15% driver gratuity

$519 total or $104/hour ($130/hour for the 4 hour tour option; 5th hour would be free) 29 passenger

$560 total or $112/hour ($140/hour for the 4 hour tour option; 5th hour would be free) 47-50 passenger

$66/hour applies for each additional hour above 5 hours (includes the 8% gas surcharge, 15% driver gratuity & 10% My Chauffeur discount)

47 passenger - bus costs of $140/hour for UP TO 47 guests for 4 hours (5th hour bus cost is free; 2nd vehicle: up to $125/hour total additional from 48-61 persons; please inquire about discounts for 48-52 persons and 53-56 persons)

  • BLUE STAR - $410 for up to 4 hours (up to 21 passenger) & $65 each additional hour. $463 for up to 4 hours (up to 36 or 47 passengers) & $65 each additional hour.

  • $410 or $463 (up to 36 or 47 passengers) base rate up to 4 hours

  • $528 (up to 47 passengers) base rate up to 5 hours

  • +$ - 8% gas surcharge???????????

  • + 15% driver gratuity

BUS COMPANY NOTICE: These rates (above) are estimated costs; your final bus costs may be higher or lower based on your actual time used.  If My Chauffeur is unable to get your group back to your drop-off location by the scheduled tour time, additional cost may apply.  After your tour, My Chauffeur will contact the bus company to learn  the exact charges, and then My Chauffeur will charge your reservation agreement according to the exact charges. Pricing may also change if the 'Primary' bus company is not available, and we use the 'Secondary' or another bus company.

Wine Country Lodging package cost quote breakdown is as follows:

  1. $130 per couple for wine country lodging. (This cost is an estimate and will need to be confirmed once we receive your groups lodging details and lodging availability.)

  2. A complimentary Portland metro area or wine country area pickup location.  Pickup locations outside the Portland metro area are additional cost.

  3. $154 (up to 4 ppl.), $272 (up to 8 ppl.) or $382 (up to 14 ppl.) charge for transportation the following or previous day to/from McMinnville & adjoining communities. (This charge is removed if you choose to transport yourselves to/from your lodging accommodation.)





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